About ekistics

Ekistics is a full stack cloud based solution provider based in the India. Ekistics's mission is to provide cost effective cloud based custom sotware solutions which are focused around providing the best possible return for our clients investment.


Our Services

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Product Development

Every business is different and we at ekistics understand this. We sit down with our clients to determine an online strategy which will help them to meet their own business goals.

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Website Development & SEO

No doubt having Website is a great way for your business to meet its online potential. We analyse your business goals and also create cost effective SEO strategy which will deliver them.

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Amazon Cloud Consulting & Solutions

Our team of experienced Amazon Web Services developers can help you to realise your cloud migration ambitions.

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IOT Solutions

Inernet of Things is the current buzzword and any business will creative idea cna utilize the technology for profit and better service. We ta Ekistics help to to relaize this from conception to floor.

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Machine Learning & AI solution

Ekistics use the latest ML & AI techniques to give clients accurate insights and recommendations so that your customers have a great online experience and service.

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Social Media Marketing & Copywriting

Every website we develop has at least two things in common... Content & Marketing. We often hear how tedious writing content for your own site and market it in social media.So why not let the experts here help?


See what our existing clients have to say about us

"ekistics got the value, they have got the right expertise and the right attitude, to understand the passion and the innovations of social innovators and convert that to different IT products to create impact. They have translated the vision of eKutir of creating impact in the agricultural space and in the BOP sector by designing the appropriate IT solutions.

Krishna Mishra

eKutir Group, India

"ekistics has been a great partner in development of our GoodFoodTracker program evaluation data platform. They have worked hard to understand our goals and strategies for this platform, and incorporate them into design. Communication has been clear and consistent. ekistics team members have been technically competent"

Daniel Ross

Daisa Enterprises, USA

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